Seizures Suck

Coming Soon to a billboard near you!  

This is Gianna, she has intractable epilepsy.

She is sponsored by 420 Central Dispensary in Orange County, California and given lab tested cannabis oils to treat her seizure disorder. Her healing story through medical cannabis will soon be on billboards and advertisements to raise awareness to make medical cannabis legal and accessible for all those in need to treat illnesses such as epilepsy.  

All families should have the choice of safe access to legal cannabis.

*This website does not offer medical advice.
*This is not medical advice.

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Meet Levi

Learning Giraffe

Meet Gianna

** This Seizures Suck  website is dedicated to Gianna and Levi,

two beautiful and brave children who both suffer from severe seizure disorders  **

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A​​vailable in Women's Fitted V, Men's Crew and Child's Crew

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We Made A Children's APP!

This super fun app has additional easy play modes for children who need extra help to participate.

No child should be left out no matter their ability.

100% of money raised from the sale of the app supports the healing of Gianna and Levi and raises awareness for epilepsy

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