This is Gianna, she is diagnosed with a rare metabolic disorder, CDG1k (Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation). Due to her disorder, Gianna has severe intractable epilepsy and was having over a thousand drop seizures a day. In August of 2014, she was sponsored by 420 Central Dispensary in Orange County, California.  Gianna started with CBD oil and her cognition improved, but still was having between 60-150 drop seizures an HOUR. In December 2014, THC was added and Gianna's drop seizures decreased to 2-15 an hour.  Currently she is on 3 cannabis oils and is dramatically progressing showing a 90% seizure decrease from the oil - going from 150 drops an hour to 10 a hour! Her cognition and awareness of her surroundings have improved and she is starting to be more vocal and forming words to talk.  This brave little girl still lives with seizures daily which, until they are stopped, will always effect the level of progress she can make.

                 By the age of one, Levi was diagnosed with two forms of drug resistant, catastrophic seizures disorders - infantile spasms and Lennox Gastault Syndrome (LGS). He has been in and out of sub-clinical status epilepticus (you can't see the seizures, but they are  going on in the brain non-stop) for most of his life. Every day this little warrior faces an uphill battle, but never gives up.

Both Levi and Gianna have had epilepsy (seizures) since birth. Their seizure disorders are quite different, but are both so severe they are life-threatening. 

We will not give up the fight, be defeated or stop looking for ways to heal our children. Thank you for taking the time to visit our Seizures Suck website.

This website is a way to share our story and to raise awareness for this devastating neurological disorder.

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Seizures Suck.

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Seizure Symptoms

- Things to look out for...

Not all seizures are convulsive – there are many types of seizures that a child or adolescent might experience. Some signs can even appear to be normal behavior and may last a very short time.

Some signs to watch for in small children include:

  • Short attention blackouts that look like daydreaming
  • Sudden falls for no reason
  • Lack of response for brief periods
  • Dazed behavior
  • Unusual sleepiness and irritability when wakened from sleep
  • Head nodding
  • Rapid blinking
  • Frequent complaints from the child that things look, smell, sound, taste or feel “funny”
  • Clusters of “jackknife” movements
  • Clusters of grabbing movements with both arms in babies lying on their backs
  • Sudden stomach pain followed by confusion and sleepiness
  • Repeated movements that look out of place or unnatural
  • Frequent stumbling or unusual clumsiness
  • Sudden repeated episodes of fear for no apparent reason
  • Early Detection is Key
  • Early recognition and treatment of children who experience seizures is important to prevent further problems. Undiagnosed seizures can lead to:
  • Learning disabilities, as brief blackouts make it difficult to follow instructions and impede understanding at school.
  • Safety risks, because a sudden loss of awareness in certain situations, (swimming in a pool, climbing a tree) can lead to serious injury.
  • Behavior problems, as the child experiences feelings that are difficult to communicate and may act out.
  • If you ever have any medical concerns always seek medical advice

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Both Gianna and Levi have each had over 1 million seizures in their lifetimes.

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