We are so proud to actually finish our app Silly Spin ABC, because it was an enormous project that took us 5 years - between our children's millions of seizures, endless hospital stays and countless doctors appointments. But we were determined and driven by our dream to create Learning Giraffe, a company where 100% of sales from our app would help in Gianna's and Levi's medical therapies and treatments and raise awareness for epilepsy.  

Our goal is by making our own company, we won't have to constantly be fundraising in an attempt to pay for the mountains of medical and treatment bills that we face daily. (Fundraising is great, but sadly the money only last for a glimpse and then you have to fundraise again.)

Our hope is for this app to be able to generate enough sales to be able to give our children the proper medical care and therapies that they need to heal to their full potential.

Thank you for all your support! We could never of done it without you. Yay! You are helping Gianna and Levi heal!!

Why Support Seizures Suck?

100% of every dollar we raise, raises awareness for epilepsy and helps Gianna and Levi heal.

How can I support?

Buy our super fun children's app Silly Spin ABC oniTunes or Google Play.

Get a cool Seizures Suck T-shirt here.

100% of sales from both the T-shirts and the Silly Spin ABC app help pay for Gianna and Levi's many medical therapies and treatments and raises awareness for epilepsy.

You made an app?

We are proud to say YES WE DID! We created Silly Spin ABC, a learn your ABC's children's app. Your kids are going to love it! Our company was created by 2 mom's, Natalie & Jennifer, with a goal to create the perfect kid's app. 100% of sales help pay for the many medical therapies and treatments our children need to heal and raise awareness for epilepsy.

Silly Spin ABC, our first app, is a great learning tool  for children of all ages AND abilities to learn their ABC's and expand their imagination.

How can I help more?

Sharing our story  is the best help! The more T-shirts and Silly Spin ABC apps we sell, the more we can raise awareness and help Gianna and Levi heal.

Can I buy the app now?

Yes you can!

The Silly Spin ABC app is currently available on both iTunes and Google Play  app stores.

Thank you  for taking the time to read about our story.

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We couldn't have made the app without the help of so many beautiful people who donated their time and talents to make it happen ...